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Top Reasons Why Startup Need Website Development?

Top Reasons Why Startup Need Website Development?

As you are aware there has been a major shift in customer mindset for online presence. There are almost 60 Million people shopping every minute online, ever wondered if only 0.1% of that approach you just because you have a website?

Imagine the opportunity you can be exposed to! Let’s check in detail why startups need a website.



How Website Will Helpful for Your Business 

A website is the first impression that your business gives to its customers. It's a great way to make sure that visitors know about you, what you do and how they can get in touch with you. The most important thing that a website can do is to reach more people. A good web design will help you to reach more people in different parts of the world, who are interested in your products or services.

24/7 Availability

As a traditional businessman you can only serve your customers for a limited time in a day and even if you are able to operate 24 hours a day like 24/7 stores it will cost you a ton in terms of electricity bill, water bill and so on.

Imagine if you had a mechanism that would let you serve your customers 24/7 without you having to lose your sleep or pay for additional staff, electricity or water bills.

Guess what, a website just does that and that too at a very low cost.


Wider Reach To Audience through Website

The primary reason why your start-up needs a website is for it to reach a wider audience (global audience as well if you serve or plan to serve internationally).

Suppose you are a global start-up having a good chunk of international audience who understands your product & are interested in buying. However, they want to first know about its specifications & compare it with others. How do they do that? They might not prefer calling or mailing specifically for that, especially when your competitors have all this available on their website.

Having a website would help them get to know your product better & in detail.

More Conversions Due to Website

The majority of modern day customers do not like to travel all the way to just buy a phone, or a pair of shoes. They prefer to order them from the comfort of their home.

This sudden shift in consumer behavior has resulted in an astronomical increase in online sales.

An online shop i.e. a website would greatly help you to cater the needs of such a vast customer base.

In fact, if you see the table below you’ll see how number of people moving towards buying online has been increasing year on year:


Number of People Buying Online Around the world (in Billion)Year


Study Your Customer’s Behaviour

Google & Facebook have their own tools which lets you track where your customers came from and even what they are doing after visiting your website.

This will greatly help you in understanding what people love to do most on your website, on which page they have spent most time on, how many & what products have they added to their cart but haven’t purchased & so on.

All this information helps you to increase your conversions & overall improve your customers’ user experience which will lead to even more customers coming your way.


Website Helps in Building Trust

Your website is a great place to showcase your expertise. You can do this in many ways, but here are some examples:

● Showcase the team behind you.
● Showcase results from previous projects.
● Showcase awards earned by your company or team. ● Showcase the work you’ve done for other clients.


A website is a strategic tool. It can be used to build your brand and reputation, improve search engine rankings, help customers find you online and offline, give you access to social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook as well as other sites like YouTube or Vimeo where you can share videos with potential customers.

It’s important that you choose the right platform for your business because it will make all of these processes easier on yourself. If there isn’t one yet then now would be an excellent time to start building one. You should also consider hiring an experienced professional who knows what they are doing when it comes up with website designs so that they don't make any mistakes along the way either.




Q1) Does a Website help in making Brand Identity?
Ans: Yes.


Q2) Has there been an increase in the number of people moving towards buying online ?
Ans : Yes, there has been an increase.


Q3) Are there benefits of having a website for any business? 

Ans : Yes, there are multiple


Q4) I own a small business, how can a website help me grow it?
Ans 4) Having a website gives you an online presence which results in increased credibility & branding that will eventually make you reach more people.


Q5) Is it really worth investing in a website ?
Ans 5) Yes, considering the results it can give you in the long run, you should definitely invest in a good website.